Saturday, 23 November 2019

The Railway Room

A few days of dry weather meant Alan could complete the new railway room/home office.

Hopefully, the electrics will be in over the next two or three weeks. It still needs a final floor and decorating but after four years of building models on a space  2ft by 3ft, I'm so looking forward to this. Finally, I'll have a room where I can assemble TAoC baseboards semi-permanently.

The delay has, in some ways, been a benefit. at least where availability of trackwork and point rodding and control are concerned. To my mind, they are key elements int the realism of the final layout.

Retirement still feels like a distant hope, but I think I've also identified my retirement layout if ever I'm in a position to not need the home office space. Strangely, or not, it is another Roy Link design that goes back to my childhood.

But before then there is the small matter of extending the 7 1/4" another 100m or so to allow me to commute to work by ELR.

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