Saturday 23 December 2023

The Future of Flemish Quay

It is many months since I last saw Flemish Quay. I dread to think what state it will be in when I get It out of storage.

It might be a case of starting again. That would not cause me any great problems. 

Or it might be a case of integrating it, in some form, with my other plans. 

Before catching the train to London, I took the chance to wander along the Welland near it's supposed location.

At the back of my mind was a vague idea of capturing images I could stitch into a back scene. Sadly I was in a hurry and also dodging traffic so I didn't apply the rigour that would require.

Having said that, the nature of Flemish Quay, with deliberately limited viewing angles, means I might get away with it. We will see. In the worst case, I can use the photos as a basis for something created from scratch.

The back of the old fire station

You might recognise this from the Hornby Old Forge model...

The remains of the Old Chain Bridge

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