Tuesday, 6 August 2013


As you might be able to tell my thoughts are now very much about the next layout, with the end very much in sight for this test piece. By the end of next week I'm hoping to have the bulk of the vegetation in place, and the platform in an overgrown state. That then leaves the signal box to be built as and when.

Meanwhile I've joined the EMGS - or strictly speaking rejoined it since I was a member in my late teens - and ordered a few things to get me started. Nothing too serious, but it does feel a bit chicken and eggish trying to work out the best way to start without incurring a massive expense.

It is half tempting as a test piece to build another version of this layout, but to be honest I think moving up to EM will take up just a little too much space to successfully  fit the same layout in an APA box. However I could fit it on to a bigger baseboard.

The best idea will be to build something that can eventually be incorporated into Llanrhaiadr, but to be honest I suspect the learning curve is going to be pretty steep and the chances of wanting to keep my first efforts are pretty slim.

And then, once again, there is The Art of Compromise which I've already blogged about once. Yet what I failed to pick upon at that time is the the track plan for Llanrhaiadr is essentially the same as that of The AoC,but with the station moved to be on the loop. Of course the interesting thing about TAOC is that the station wasn't on the loop.

Llanrhaiadr 8'x2'
Somewhere between the two is perhaps where the swee-tspot lies, with a bit of Llanastr thrown into the mix

Llanrhaiadr Mawr 6' x1.5'

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