Saturday, 10 August 2013

What next for the box?

So as the last few posts have made clear my focus is moving away from the current Apa project. That doesn't mean the abandonment of the Apa as a home for layouts.

The current model will stay in existence until Lanhraiadr is in an advanced state of construction, the bulk of my stock has been converted to EM, and I'm happy my skills have progressed to the stage where I can make better versions of the current structures.

Then what? Well one idea is to reuse what I can to build a OO9 cameo. or possibly a OOn3 one. I've also still got the 16mm version in mind. On top of that I quite fancy doing something a little quirky, perhaps a rural tramway of some sort.

Something that I still appeals about the Apa is that it blends into the furniture and that is a worry about building proper baseboards. The simplistic answer is to build a traditional black fascia, but lest be honest that is still going to draw attention to itself.

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