Sunday, 25 August 2013

Why I failed woodwork

I went to a grammar school that had a definite leaning towards developing practical skills, be they scientific, computing, technical drawing, woodwork, or metal work. they even insisted the boys studied home economics and sewing.

To be honest I pretty much flunked all those subjects, and an afternoon spent in the company of my rusting Black & Decker Workmate has reminded me why. Even when I know what I am supposed to be doing things go wrong, never mind when I'm trying something new.

So the end result is I have one mini baseboard to practice track construction on, and one very doubtful looking 4' x 2' baseboard to form the basis of LM. I might spend tomorrow building a the sector plate board, or at least the basic components of it. oddly I've decided to build the smaller of my two possible schemes. I'm also thinking about flipping it around so the sector plate will be in the corner of the room and the station area will be closer to window light.

If I was continuing with OO the appearance of the baseboard wouldn't worry me too much, after all it will have a cosmetic fascia attached to it - another job for tomorrow if I'm lucky. What worries me moving to EM is whether I've built it with a flat enough top for good running.

Still there is a lot of practicing to be done before I lay any track for real, and Templot to be mastered. If all else fails I'm sure I'll find some use for it,after all it will soon be November.

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