Friday, 7 June 2013

Recent Purchases

I really don't want to add up the cost so far, suffice to say I don't think building a micro layout is that much cheaper to build than a typical small layout. And of course it means I now how a bulging box of bits ready to be used on  the next project. Boxes, in fact, though some of the content might prove to be more useful than other bits.

For instance am I really going to need an old Triang clerestory coach? If it does find a use it is going to need a lot of work just to produce something that will still be inherently wrong

It was at this point I realised I'd made a stupid mistake with the
 Gents and forgotten to cut down the urinal walls to match the prototype

I think it is down to nostalgia. The same could probably be said for my second recent ebay purchase, a Hornby Class 25. The Bachmann model is better is many respects.

Oh yes, and that tree. It is by Noch and it has to be said bears very little resemblance in the flesh to the photo in the catalogue.

Two things I never regret buying are tools and Plastruct. Phil Parker recently wrote about the Chopper 2  and it really is a useful tool when using cutting Plastruct to size, especially if angled cuts are needed. The other tool I wouldn't be without is a Tamiya scriber which makes cutting Wills sheet much less of a chore.


  1. I thought many people prefered the shape of the Hornby 25 to the Bachmann one?

    1. Phil, Bodywise I think the Hornby one is much better, but the chassis isn't great. Some people have combined the Hornby body with the Bachmann chassis and I suspect that is the way I will eventually go. Either that or fit the Brassmaster fuel and water tanks & batetry box intended for the Bachmann version.