Sunday, 23 June 2013

Success and Failure

When will I learn that rushing is never a good thing?

When will I remember lessons I've already learnt before making the same mistake again?

When will I just accept that sometimes things look worse as you begin to make progress?

So what has brought all this on?

Having a 1001 things to do this weekend I thought I would keep the work on the layout straightforward and just assemble the station building and lay down the surfaces for the goods yard and the platform. One of those jobs went well, the other two considerably less well, and the overall result seems to highlight so many other things I'm dissatisfied with.

I'm struggling to find anything I like about how the layout currently looks.
The odd pieces of hanging basket liner are a desperate attempt to find
the right profile to blend with the backscene
The station building looks OK to my eyes, certainly a lot better now it is in a basic coat of matt black and in-situ where it isn't going to be subject to much close scrutiny.

This is how much of the station building will normally be seen

Ignore the back scene corner for now....
 What has gone badly wrong is the ash/gravel surfaces. I was going to use a Polyfilla , Chinchilla sand, black paint and PVA glue mix, laid on a surface painted with PVA. The idea of the PVA is to keep it all flexible and avoid it cracking. So, despite the bottle being right in front of me guess which of the ingredients I forgot to include?

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