Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Mistakes Keep Coming

When it comes to the buildings I seem to end up easily confused by the different variations on the line being both right and left handed. I seem easily confused by left and right at the best of times and would have to confess that I've more than once forgotten that the different ends of the buildings should be mirror images and ended up with two identical right hand side ends.

Today I put my "make the hole fit the window" idea into action - and this time I got my top and bottom confused when measuring so the windows in the station have ended up rather higher than they should be.

I also had fun with the goods shed. First of all I've noticed I put the bearers for the end canopy the wrong way round, which is why the angle is steeper than it should be.

My usual technique for painting Wills sheet is a blast of matt black, dry brushing with Royal & Langnickel's  Pearl Black to simulate bare sheet showing through, and then a quick wash of Modelmates Rust Red. On this occasion the wash seems to have given a much stronger rust effect which I'm going to have to tone down.


  1. If it helps, I usually do the same, measuring things up. I think it's because I am thinking of other things to do with how I am going to paint the model or do stonework don't be too hard on yourself. The finished model looks great, as does the nicely weathered AEC Mercury! More photos of your work, please!

  2. Iain,

    One of the things I knew I would struggle with returning to indoor modelling is ensuring everything fits together. I'm still finding it too easy to concentrate on one element of a model and then realising that in the meantime I've messed up somewhere else-- or the classic cutting two right handed pieces instead of LH and RH pieces.

    I'm quite pleased with the AEC, especially the experiment of floating Krystal Klear on top of the original moulded glazing. It is easy for readily available road vehicles to become cliched so I'm intending to only model vehicles that I have photographic evidence of being in the area during the period.