Monday, 15 October 2012

Back on Track

So I think I might have come up with a workable approach to painting the track.

Spray can of Halfords matt camouflage khaki, followed by a glaze of Lifecolours Sleeper Grime/Tensocrom medium, and then dry-brushing the chairs.

I've tried quite a few other alternatives over the last twenty four hours. Some of them looked a lot better, and I've picked up some ideas for painting other examples of worn timber, but this seems the best compromise between effort and effect.

Peco On16.5 point, suitably treated
You might have noticed that the picture is of a Peco On16.5 point, not a Tillig HO one. That's because this belongs to one of the other three Apa based projects I've got in the queue. This one is a 7mm scale tramway based extremely loosely on the Kinver Light Railway.. Tomorrow I'll look at the 16mm scale idea.

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