Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What's the Point?

You might be asking that after reading my earlier posts on the arguments against micro layouts. The point for me is to try out some new ideas, and to bring me a bit more up to date with indoor modelling techniques before I return to the garden railway in Spring.

If, on the other hand, your question is "What's the turnout?" then the answer is this:

Tillig Elite 15 degree turnout
It is from the Tillig Elite HO range, which has a bit of a following amongst those trying to work to finer OO gauge standards.  It has some nice features, for instance the rail is dull and the point blades aren't hinged, and code 83 rail is a sensible compromise. On the downside they need an external latching mechanism, have a reputation for being comparatively fragile, and clearly the track has HO sleeper spacing and continental style chairs.

I was very tempted to go for C+L track, but if I had done I would have ended up persuading myself to go EM gauge.  I dabbled with EM as a teenager, and I'm not completely discounting it if I build another 4mm layout.

I did say I was going to start work on the baseboard yesterday, but work intervened and I didn't want to rush such a crucial part of the build. Instead I amde a start on painting and weathering the track. It makes a big difference to the appearnace.

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