Thursday, 18 October 2012

Tracking Progress

Eight hours of non-stop interviewing yesterday didn't give me much of a chance to make progress. Here's a shot though of the quickly weathered Tillig track in conjunction with the ready ballasted Tillig trackbed.

Tillig track in preformed trackbed
The concept of  the trackbed is good, and it certainly helps with getting sleepers correctly spaced and aligned. Getting the track into the trackbed is a nightmare though. Even with plain track I found it virtually impossible to push the sleepers down without the rail coming out of the chairs, so for this short test section I resorted to putting the sleeper section in first and then sliding the rail in. Not something I fancy doing with the pointwork. Not only that but the trackbed for the points looks like it needs a lot of work to actually get the point to fit.

[Update: Having got hold of the Tillig catalogue you are apparantly meant to heat the trackbed with a hairdryer before pushing the track into place, it then contracts again as it cools to hold it in place.]

The ballast itself is a little large for my liking as well so I guess this is one of the ideas I'm not going to pursue.

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