Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Argument Against : Time and Cost

In what I promise it the last article aimed specifically at putting the beginner off the concept of of micro layouts for good I want to look at the interlinked, issues of time and cost.Now, in the past I've been produced to several times micro layouts, at virtually no no cost, and and in little more time than it has so far taken me to set up and write this blog. So far Apa Junction, has taken me a lot of longer and I already don't like to think about the cost. The big difference to is that in building. The earlier this layouts I had the advantage of a well stocked scrapbox full of useful leftovers like track, electrics, buildings, wagons,  scenic items...... The list goes on.
Now starting from scratch after the a long time away from indoor modelling I'm having to buy every day one of those who things, and gosh the cost adds up. Fine if you can spread the cost out over a period of time as I'm trying to do, but with a micro layout that isn't so easy. With a a normal sized layout you can focus on one element at a time so it is easy to put off a purchase until you really want need it whilst the still feeling  you are making progress. That's why much harder to with a few micro layout for two weeks reasons. Since the different design elements are tightly coupled tasks often need to be done together.
A "scale" drawing in WinRail11 gives quite a different view....
....compared to mock up in the real world
 I would be loath to lay track without already having buildings and stock to hand to check both physical clearances and also the aesthetics of the scene. So a lot of my time is being spent buying and building individual components before I've even cut the first piece of of foamboard for the baseboard., and and without the getting much sense of progress.
I happen to to think that the model railway station trade, including the both large and small manufacturers, importers provides a us with remarkable value for money. That doesn't sound mean though that things are cheap. It is also true that a micro layout needs less of everything than a big layout. A lot less still means you need a lot though - see my earlier list of things sourced from the scrapbox. Even if you only need one engine it will still cost a fair amount of of money, and if you want to build a worthwhile micro layout. then you'll be want to buy a loco that is reasonably  highly detailed to stand the close scrutiny it will get. Small quantities of the some items simply click might not be available, and or if they are then only at a high unit cost. I began shopping for all the different types varieties of scenic material needed to provide the range of ground cover, and hedges and trees I want to for Apa Valley and had to break it down into several times orders to make it manageable. Of course at the end all the leftovers can go into the scrapbox to kick start your the next project, but there will also be a lot of items such built in into the micro layout that it won't be be possible to to re-use.

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