Sunday, 14 October 2012

One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward

I've entered into this project with my eyes open to the fact that I'll get things wrong, and that getting things wrong is fine if I learn by the mistake and get it right next time.

Both my recent "mistakes" relate to paint and weathering.

After a lot of soul searching I've decided I'm just not happy with the results I was getting from using the Modelmates sprays on rolling stock. It just seems counter intuitive to me to spend more time trying to remove weathering than trying to apply it subtlety in the first place. So I've swapped to using Lifecolours from I have to say that I'm finding them much easier to work with. I just wish now that I'd totally removed the Modelmates weathering first, but then the ply van was always intended to be a bit of a guinea pig. Actually I think starting afresh I would begin by painting the van body using Lifecolours BR Bauxite rather than weathering on top of the out of the box Bachmann finish.

I'm also facing multiple problems painting the Tillig track. The first problem is that it has highlighted how bad the lighting is in my home office where I'm working.What looks fine under artificial light looks terribly deficient under sunlight. This isn't about the colour temperature, because the colours are turning out as I'd expected, but simply not having enough light to see to paint as accurately as I want.

The plastic trackbase is also causing problems. Acrylics seem to cover it well, but the adhesion seems poor and even the gentlest attempts at weathering it cause the paint to lift. I think I'm going to end up removing the rail from the trackbase and spraying the base with the always useful Halfords primer.That's fine for plain rail, but I'll have to mask the points and spray them in assembled form.

On top of that picking out the Tillig chairs in a rust colour has highlighted them so it becomes even more apparent they aren't GWR/BR design.

Still, we persevere.

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